Bay Area Transportation Agencies Prepare for Super Bowl 50

When the Bay Area hosts Super Bowl 50 in 2016 the game will be played at the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

But most of the fan events are scheduled for San Francisco, putting a big demand on mass transportation.

The Valley Transportation Authority is already constructing pocket tracks on Tasman Drive outside the stadium, which will allow three trains a place to wait for huge crowds. Passengers will also be able to catch trains at several other locations in the works, officials said.

"The stadium authority is building a second platform near Great America so fans don't all have to wait on one platform," said Colleen Valles of the Valley Transportation Authority.

The VTA also plans to add more buses to pick up overflow and streamline the ticketing process.

"Something else we are working on is a mobile ticketing app so you can purchase your ticket on your smart phone or iPad," Valles said.

The CEO of the Super Bowl host committee said the key to a smooth experience that spans 45 miles will be developing a comprehensive plan with all of the Bay Area's transportation agencies.

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