Bay Area Travel Agency Will Send You to Space

Booking flights to space will be as easy as booking any other flight.

Residents of the Bay Area won't have to go too far to book their next flight into space.

Alpine Travel of Saratoga, CA is one of 58 accredited travel agencies working with Virgin Galactic, which is getting closer to send passengers to the edge of space.

In the past, anyone who wanted to go to space had to shell out millions of dollars, strap themselves into a Russian tin can, and be shot at the International Space Station. Now, all you need is a mere $200k (who doesn't have that just lying around, amiright?) and you can book a flight on Virgin's space skimming ship, almost as easy as booking a flight to the Keys.

“Just to be able to sell space travel as a regular part of your business, really, just how cool is that?” Lynda Turley Garrett, president of Alpine Travel, told the New York Times.

By 2017, “it’ll be just like scheduling a flight to L.A.,” Garrett went on to say.

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