Donald Trump

Bay Area Trump Backers Like What They See So Far

President Donald Trump did not win any of the nine Bay Area counties during the 2016 election, but he's not without supporters in the region.

They not only like what he's doing with immigration and other issues, but they also like the speed with which he's doing it.

Rohit Joy of Walnut Creek, the immediate past chairman of the Contra Costa County Republican Party, believes the president really is making America great again.

"I think most of the people heading to the airport to protest aren't really aware of the details there," Joy said. "I think in this country we have the right to control our borders, which sometimes if it's in our country's interest does involve restrictions or cracking down or whatever you want to call it."

In downtown Walnut Creek, Trump supporters are astonished at how quickly the president is fulfilling his campaign promises.

"He seemed very aggressive and is ready to go all out to try to get everything done that he promised all his supporters," said Matt Rasmussen.

There were many young faces at last weekend's protest at San Francisco International Airport. But Blaine Bockhahn, a member of the St. Mary's College Republican Club sees the immigration issue quite differently.

"We do need to remember that we are a nation built on refugees," Bockhahn said. "I think we should remember that. But it's important to get our safety net and our footing first in defense."

One other supporter, an Asian man in Walnut Creek, said he thinks Trump is just trying to vet the immigrants better.

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