Bay Area Ukrainians Concerned With Russian Military's Move

Ukrainians in the Bay Area are watching with worry as the Russian military enters their country.

Many are concerned about loved ones as an already deadly conflict over democracy appears to be escalating.

Nick Bilogorskiy is a Bay Area resident concerned with the developments in Ukraine. He said his father is in a politically divided city.

"Right now there is pressure in his city, whether to go with Russian or go with Ukraine," Bilogorskiy said. "There are people in the street, so I am concerned for his well being."

Another local, Lesya, who did not want her last name published, is worried Russia's move into Ukraine's Crimea region and President Barack Obama's strong words against it may signal the beginning of a large military response.

Lesya is hoping for a peaceful resolution.

"I have a lot of friends and family in Ukraine," she said. "If this breaks into military conflict it would be a much larger conflict than Ukrainians and Russians because larger forces would intervene."

Bay Area Ukrainians have organized a group called MaydanSF. The group is raising money to assist the injured in Ukraine and are organizing rallies in the Bay Area to raise awareness.

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