Bay Area Under High Surf Alert

Surf's up for the holiday weekend and that is great news for people who ride the waves of Santa Cruz.

The waves have been forecast all week and arrived Thursday breaking between 6 to 8 feet. Those swells are supposed continue all the way through Labor Day Monday.  They could get as high as 10 feet.

Popular Pleasure Point in Capitola and Steamer's Lane in Santa Cruz were flooded with surfers who want to catch a wave. Expect more of that this weekend along with wave watchers who will surely turn out to see the action.

The big waves coincide with a forecast of sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s, plus a holiday weekend. That is sure to make the trek over the hill slow going.

The wave warning is great for surfers, but comes with a warning for the general public.

Beach-goers are being told to be careful this weekend on all south facing beaches. The big waves make for a danger rip tide. KSBW reports that were several rescues at Santa Cruz County beaches on Thursday.

The surf is also up in Southern California.

In Huntington Beach, a body-boarder who was out in 9 foot waves with friends vanished Wednesday, the U.S. Coast Guard said. High waves were also the likely cause of a boat smuggling drugs to crash. In that case, more than 500 pounds of marijuana washed ashore. Park rangers said they found the marijuana and an abandoned boat split in half Thursday near Point Mugu.

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