Bay Area Voters on Both Sides Not Swayed Much by Debate

After Monday night's debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Bay Area voters were essentially sticking to their guns.

Dozens of SF Young Republicans gathered for a watch party and cheered their hopeful.

Among them was Erin Page, of Redwood City, who had a favorite moment during the debate.

"When Trump said Hillary had 30 years to think about her policies, and she hasn't gotten them right," Page recalled.

The GOP hasn't won a presidential contest in California since 1988 and has only 8 percent of the registered voters in San Francisco.

"The more we get a chance to see Trump speaking Hillary speak, it will encourage people to vote and register with the Republican Party," said Hilary Hatenbuch of SF Young Republicans.

Another GOP group, the Log Cabin Republicans, also thought Trump did well in the debate.

"He's the one who has donated to LGBT organizations," said Juan Hernandez. "He is the one who has gone to same-sex weddings. He is the first person who owns a resort to open it up to same-sex couples."

A few blocks away, at a Starbucks in the city's Laurel Village, the opposite opinion dominated with praise for Clinton.

"She was more measured; her temperament was better," said Alex Nation, of Sunnyvale. "She had better answers to the questions."

Linda Law, of San Francisco, agreed Clinton was the more presidential debater.

"If he got in control of the button to push for the nuclear button, and he acted like he did tonight during the debate, it will be a disaster," Law said about Trump.

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