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Bay Area Voters Seem Anxious For Election to Be Done

With the presidential election just a week away, the candidates are gearing up for last minute swings through key states. But many voters are either casting their ballots early or are choosing not to vote at all.

Whether they're Democrat, Republican or other, voters in the Bay Area are anxious for the election to be done.

"I’d like it to be over; it’s been too long," said Donna Skwarsynski.

Cecille Sorci agreed: "People don’t even listen anymore to what anybody’s saying. I voted already; it’s in the mail. I don’t want to listen anymore."

Voters may not want to listen, but Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are talking, most recently about Clinton's email scandal.

"We can be sure what’s in those emails is devastating," Trump told a rally of supporters in Michigan

Meanwhile, Clinton continued to downplay the investigation.

"There is no case here," she said.

Next Tuesday, the votes will be tallied, and many voters said they can’t wait.

Even as some millennials seem to be engaged, they are also a bit discouraged.

"I think younger voters were pulling for Bernie (Sanders), kind of see Hillary as the establishment," said Amanda Sintes.

Peter Verbica, president of the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition, is loving the eleventh-hour initrigue.

"If that brings out some more Republican voters, great," he said. "If it helps persuade some independents, how fantastic would that be?"

Skwarzynski, a Democrat, believes Clinton will prevail.

"I think nobody has had the experience she’s had; she’s going to take good care of the country," Skwarzynski said.

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