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Bay Area Votes in the #CaliforniaPrimary

Today's the day! Bay Area voters showed up at polling booths in their cities to vote for their favorite presidential candidate.

Several people are using social media to encourage others that their voice matters.

Alex Harmon, an East Bay native tweeted, “It’s nobody’s business on who you’re voting for, just get out and VOTE!!!”

The Associated Press reported Monday that Hillary Clinton had enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination. Clinton secured the 2,383 delegates she needed for the nomination on the eve of Tuesday's voting.

“We are at the brink of a historic, historic unprecedented moment,” Clinton said during a rally in California on Monday.

Despite, the early declaration, Sanders supporters are continuously showing their pride for the Vermont senator using the hashtag #feelthebern.

California, for the first time in years, can make a difference on the presumptive presidential nominee’s.

To keep up with the voters and their opinions, we’re bringing you their stories on social media.

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