Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Bay Area Woman Heads to Poland to Help Ukrainian Refugees

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Millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled from their own country as Russia’s attacks intensify.

Now, a Bay Area woman is heading to Poland, where she has family and said she also wants to try and help refugees there.

Magdalena Chodorowicz-Molloy talked to NBC Bay Area Sunday ahead of her trip to Warsaw, Poland.

“I was born in Poland and I still have my brother,” she said. “I bought my ticket long time before this war started actually. I thought I would not delay this trip. I would just go. I have a purpose, I will help because there are so many refugees.”

Millions of refugees have fled since Russia invaded their country, with the majority going to Poland. Chodorowicz-Molloy said she is encouraging people to support humanitarian organizations.

“I know from my brother Poland needs help because they are absorbing these refugees and people it’s wonderful people open their houses people sharing everything sharing and homes but there is much more need,” Chodorowicz-Molloy said.

Refugees have been lining up to get ID cards to regain some sort of normalcy. Chodorowicz-Molloy said that she understands waves of support will be needed as the flow of refugees continues.

“Myself, I speak Russian. So, I thought maybe they will use me to help people to sign up for documents. I just don’t know,” Chodorowicz-Molloy said.

NBC Bay Area also spoke with Roman Osica, who is also in Poland. He said that his fiancé is Ukrainian and helped bring her family over. Then, he got involved with organized efforts.

“After that, they say 'maybe you organize some things for my friends? They need always help as well' and I said 'okay,'”Osica said.

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