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Apple Replaces Ads on Billboards With Photos Taken by iPhone Users

She went from amateur to world fame -- thanks to a cellphone picture.

A Bay Area woman had a photo she took on her iPhone turned into an Apple billboard--and she's not alone. It is happening in 24 different countries. Apple is letting its users provide the content for its latest round of promotion.

Drivers have seen them on their commutes. They are no longer ads -- well not traditional ads. They are photos all taken with the iPhone 6.

Once picture was taken by Alameda's Cielo de la Paz, one of 60 the company chose to go on billboards all over the world.

"As I was walking, I noticed my umbrella was casting this really cool red silhouette on to the ground," de la Paz said. "I thought, 'Oh wow! That's a really good picture.' And of course, I had my phone with me."

Largely because many people have them on them all the time, smartphones have become the most common way we take photos these days. Whether it is iPhone or Android, they are all packed with megapixels and take great pictures.

De la Paz said she cannot wait to see her billboards in person.

"That's one of my goals is to go to one of my billboards," she said. "I think there's one in New York that I'm going to fly to sometime in the next month or so, and then take a selfie in front of it."

Apple says it chose from tens of thousands of photos people had posted online ..

Cielo says she's making a little money from her photo and getting a lot of attention for it.

As for the Apple campaign, the company said it chose well-known photographers and amateurs.

"I have 300 followers, and so I feel really humbled. 'What am i doing up there?' But, hey, I will absolutely take advantage of it!"

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