Bay Area Zip Second-Priciest in Country

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Alpine, New Jersey is king of the expensive hill, but Atherton still reigns high in the list of most expensive places to buy a home.

Forbes Magazine rated the country's homes and found the median asking price of $4.14 million for Jersey and $3.85 million for Atherton.

Both zip codes took huge hits in this down market, falling 23 percent over the past year.

The top spots took much bigger hits than the rest of the list which fell just seven percent.

A quick look at some Atherton "for sale" signs found a four-bedroom 3,200 square foot home for $2.09 million and a three bedroom 3,600 home for $7.9 million.

So, for the record, you need to be able to purchase a two-comma property to shop in Atherton.

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