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Bay Bridge Series Returns as A's Face Uncertain Future in Oakland

It's a storied series that fans all over the Bay Area look forward to every year with the Bay Bridge series between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants.

But the president Dave Kaval, of the Oakland Athletics said it's possible this could one of the last of times we may see this annual cross Bay battle unless the city of Oakland and the A's can make a deal for a new ballpark.

Some longtime fans told NBC Bay Area Wednesday that they been closely watching the way the A’s ownership has been doing business this season.

During Tuesday’s first game of this season's Bay Bridge series Kaval poked fun at attendance at Oracle Park. In a series of tweets - he asked why the giants aren't scrutinized because of sparse attendance…,

"It is sad how few fans are at the game. Maybe the local media can look into the San Francisco giants marketing?" Kaval said in a tweet.

Kaval, whose team's attendance has been near record lows this year told NBC Bay Area that he was just pointing out the obvious.

"You know, early in the season, sometimes games to get sold out," he said.

But the response from Athletics fans hints at another issue, criticizing the team’s leadership for hiking up season ticket prices, and then trading away fan-favorite players.

The back and forth highlights the long running tension between the A's and some of their fans, who said that they are skeptical of the A's efforts to stay in Oakland. Kaval said they are still pushing for approval to build a new ballpark at Howard Terminal in downtown Oakland. But he added if the deal falls through, the team said it's ready to move elsewhere including Las Vegas, when their current lease ends.

The cross Bay rivalry goes back decades. The first time the teams played against each other since moving to the bay was an epic world series showdown in 1989. Now some fans said they just hope the much loved rivalry continues, regardless of where the green and gold call home.

"I believe the historical rivalry will still be there, even if we do go to Las Vegas. Because it's always fun A's and Giants,” said Maldonado. “You know, I have a family of Giants fans."

While other fans said they were skeptical.

"You think of the big rivalries in New York with the Mets and Yankees, and in Chicago, the White Sox and Cubs, said Kayle Dangeruud. “It's a battle of your territory and without two teams in the same area it's not the same."

The A’s and Giants will meet again later this season for another two game series.

The Athletics have a lease at Oakland coliseum until 2024, so theoretically, they could meet up again next year too.

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