Oakland City Council Approves $100 Million Pavement Prioritization Plan

The Oakland City Council on Tuesday approved a three-year plan intended to improve city streets.

The ordinance includes Mayor Libby Schaaf's proposed budget of more than $100 million of voter-approved Measure KK money for street repairs over the next hree years.

Seventy-five percent of funds will go to repairs and the other 25% will go toward preemptive maintenance on major streets.

Each council member gets to prioritize the roads they think need fixing right away. They'll have to share those roads with the Department of Transportation by September.

Potholes across Oakland are so bad that a couple of men have taken matters into their own hands.

Calling themselves the "Pothole Vigilantes," they've been filling in Oakland's potholes with bags of EZ Street Asphalt for the past two weeks.

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