San Jose

San Jose Police Officer Helps 92-Year-Old Rake Leaves

A San Jose police officer was caught on camera doing something that is not taught in the academy.

San Jose Police Officer Alfonso Rodriguez saw 91-year-old Jesse Ornelas struggling to rake his leaves in front of his home on 16th street in San Jose and he decided to help.

“Seeing him help this gentleman clear out leaves, and raking the way he was,” Fellow Officer Adam Crowly, who recorded the nice gesture, said.

This is not the first time Rodriguez has done a good deed, according to his fellow colleagues, he has been doing this for decades.

“It’s the way I was raised, coming from San Jose, being raised in the East Side,” Rodriguez said. “It’s what I do and I enjoy doing it, I just did it out of the kindness of my heart.”

That same week, Rodriguez received an award from his department for helping save a life.

Ornelas said he is very thankful for the help since the leaves were beginning to pile up.

“He’s a good man, he did a good job,” Ornelas said. “He makes me feel comforted.”

Rodriguez gave Ornelas his cellphone number and told him to call him if he ever needs any more help. However, he must do it soon since Rodriguez is set to retire in two weeks.

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