“Bay Lights” Will Keep Shining: Millions Raised to Make Bay Bridge Installation Permanent

There's a green light on a bright idea keep the "Bay Lights" shining.

The sponsors of an illuminated art project on the San Francisco-Bay Bridge that was supposed to stay up for only two years say they have found a way to keep the lights on.

The non-profit group Illuminate the Arts said Wednesday private donations and a deal with the Bay Area Toll Authority will allow "Bay Lights'' to keep shining on the bridge following an intermission of many months next year. It's scheduled to be taken down next year for bridge maintenance.

The new funds will be used to upgrade the display and reinstall the work in 2016.

Created by New York artist Leo Villareal, the "Bay Lights'' consists of 25,000 white lights spaced a foot apart on the span's vertical cables and individually programmed to produce sequences of shifting light.

After the bridge maintenance is complete, the project will be reinstalled and permanently gifted to the state.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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