Los Gatos Zoning Prevents Benefit Concert

Don Thorvund will never forget that day in 2005 when he and his wife lost their son Julian to a rare congenital disease. Julian was just two days old.

"I decided I wanted to do something to help parents that have gone through the same situation or going through the same situation," Thorvund said.

Thorvund decided to help other parents by raising money for Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. He formed a non-profit called the Julian Rock Memorial.  

"I want to make sure that the money that I raise goes to a good cause," Thorvund said.

Thorvund will be holding his 2013 Julian Rock Memorial benefit concert at Keith Holland's Guitars in Los Gatos. But a few weeks ago, it didn't appear the concert would even happen at that location. The town of Los Gatos stopped the guitar store from holding performances and group lessons. The shop was told it was not zoned for such activities.

"I think it's sad. Keith is bringing music to a community in an environment that's safe," Thorvund said.

Twelve performances have been can celled. The owner, Keith Holland, is appealing with the town...hoping town officials will re-zone the area to allow his concerts to go on.

"I'm going to out of business if it doesn't continue. I need at least the group lessons to keep my doors open," Holland said. 

Thorvund hopes town leaders will work with Keith Holland.

"We're very hopeful that we can still hold the event here," Thorvund said.

He's asking them to bypass bureaucracy and to think of the cause.  

"No parent should have to think about a casket or a funeral arrangements. It made the code ordinances and the permits and the parking situations and the things that they're concerned with seem very trivial to me," Thorvund said.

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