Gilroy Reacts to Texas Shooting

Less than one week after a shooting that left three dead at Gilroy’s annual Garlic Festival, Gilroy residents learned of another shooting in El Paso, Texas that left 20 people dead.

“My first reaction was ‘oh no, not again,’” said Gilroy resident Patricia Lugo. “Something has got to be done about this. Whether it’s gun control or mental health services, it definitely needs to be addressed. It’s just terrible.”

In downtown Gilroy the #GilroyStrong banner is displayed prominently, while a large portion of Christmas Hill Park remains closed due it its status as a crime scene.

“My heart hurts for them,” said Suzanna Cruz of Gilroy about the El Paso victims. “Nobody should have to go through this, especially so suddenly. You go to Walmart just to get some daily items, you don’t expect for that to happen. It hurts a lot.”

Kayla Salazar, one of the victims in the Gilroy shooting, would have celebrated her 14th birthday this week. Instead, her family will hold her funeral. 

Kayla's aunt said, "How many mass shootings have to happen before congress thinks there is a problem and that something needs to be fixed?" 

She also had a message for El Paso victims. "We feel their pain," she said. "We share the same anger and frustration. As victims we need to come together because this pain is something indescribable." 

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