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O.J. Simpson is Innocent: Private Investigator

A new book alleges that O.J. Simpson's son was responsible for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman



    Book: O.J. Simpson Kept His Son's Secret

    Private investigator William Dear alleges that O.J. Simpson's oldest son, Jason, was responsible for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Dear says he believes Simpson chose to keep his son's secret, and lays out his theory in a new book. Robert Kovacik reports. (Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012)

    No one was convicted in the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and the LAPD has long ended their investigation, but now a former police officer wants the public to consider what he discovered in a storage facility near where the murders took place.

    The famed NFL player is currently serving a 30 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping in Nevada. Simpson grew up in San Francisco. He went city to City College before transferring to USC on a football scholarship.

    Private Investigator William Dear said he found a knife with initials “JS” engraved on it. The initials, he said, are those of O.J. Simpson’s oldest son, Jason.

    Dear described Jason Simpson as the “overlooked suspect” in his new book, and said the knife he found could have been the murder weapon.

    “He was on probation for assaulting his previous employer with a knife,” Dear said. “He had checked into Cedars Sinai Hospital just weeks prior to this telling the attendant on duty he was out of his medication, Depracote, and was about to rage.”

    In that storage unit, Dear said he also found Jason’s diaries from 1994.

    Dear quotes from them: “I cut away my problems with the knife. I am tired of being Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And if anybody messes with my family, I’ll kill them.”

    But why would Jason Simpson want to kill his stepmother?

    “It was his first day of being an active chef, but the problem was, she didn’t show up,” Dear said.
    Dear claims Nicole went to another restaurant with her family and not Jason’s that night, his big night, and he was enraged, confronting her with that knife outside her Brentwood home.

    After he killed Ron Goldman, Dear believes Jason ran to O.J. Simpson, who knew of his son’s demons.

    “We have records where his dad attended some of the meetings while the boy was in the psychiatric unit,” Dear said.

    Dear alleges that O.J. Simpson went to the crime scene -- that is why his DNA was there – while all this time he has chosen to keep his son’s secret.