Behind the Scenes: Kauai

See images captured during The Investigative Unit's visit to Kauai.

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Kauai is commonly referred to as the "Garden Island" due to little development and it's raw, abundant rugged natural elements. Elyce Kirchner and Sue Kanoho, the Executive Director of the Kauai Visitor's Bureau discuss the balance between tourism and safety.
Sue Kohono and Gina Kaulukukui, who acts as a grieving counselor for the visitor's bureau, pour over a map of of the island. When a drowning happens, Kahono asks Kaulukukui to guide people through the grieving process.
Hawaii State Representative James (Jimmy) Kunane Tokioka (D- Kauai) first tried to pass a bill in 2011 holding travel book authors and publishers liable for leading people to dangerous parts of Kauai. Though it went nowhere, Tokioka said, “We felt it was irresponsible for them to be guiding people to their deaths.”
Tokioka blames the author of “The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook.” It’s the No. 1 selling book online and the most popular on the island.
As of this writing, 29 people have died in Queen's Bath.
Investigative Reporter Elyce Kirchner speaks with visitors before they walk the lava shelf to Queen's Bath. If asked, the Kauai Visitor's Bureau will not tell people how to get here.
Floating tubes are tied to boulders and trees all around Kauai in hopes of saving lives. They are placed there by emergency room physician, Dr. Monty Downs. This tube is along the lava shelf that leads to Queens Bath in Princeville.
The Investigative Unit was constantly checking in with NBC Bay Area on the main land, despite the rare cell phone signal. Note the sign... yes, this is where they filmed the movie, "Jurassic Park."
NBC Bay Area met Kauai Fire Department's Deputy Chief John Blalock at Lydgate Beach Park. According to Blalock, Lydgate is among the safest beaches on the island.
The jetty in the background breaks the large waves that pound Lydgate Beach Park and allows families with children to enjoy the beach.
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