Being Good With Your Hands Doesn't Have to be Creepy

Dale Dougherty speaks with Press:Here

Dale Dougherty is good with his hands.

And we don't mean in a creepy sort of way. The founder and publisher of Make Magazine likes to build things, rearrange things and just flat out create anything he can get his hands on.

But Dougherty may be best known for the Maker Faire, which celebrates the arts, crafts and all those annoying little science projects we were forced to do as kids.

The faire has taken on a life of its own, with participants coming in costumes, with strange gizmos and most importantly, to Dougherty, bright ideas.

"I think its something deep that's always been under the places and culture of Silicon Valley and really America," he said about the need to create things. "We have people who like to make things. That have ideas in their head that you know that go out and put things together."

Dougherty spoke with Press: Here on Friday about the creative process and the will to work on an idea being the driving force behind every great invention, including the creation of Silicon Valley.

Check out a clip of Dougherty on Press: Here or visit their Web site for the full interview.

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