Belmont Burglars Caught on Cam

Police are seeking answers after they obtained home surveillance video which appears to show two men stealing valuables in a Belmont home while the homeowners left for a few hours last week.

In the beginning of the footage taken at an upscale Belmont home on Jan. 3, a dog barked at the intruders and disappeared before the first burglar seen, whipping his red-capped head around the corner, looking around. 

Seconds later the second thief, dressed in blue, is seen running throughout the house while holding a piece of stolen property in his arms.

During a phone conversation on Tuesday with the Patch news site, homeowners said the suspects were only in the house for two to three minutes and stole items that were easy to carry, such as, iPhones, jewelry and laptops. "It was so quick," the homeowner told the online site. They are very focused and do what they need to do and get out."

The homeowner said her family installed a camera in the front of the house after police told them about another recent robbery.

After the suspects saw the camera they broke through the back door. 

The burglary happened in the 2200 block of Cipriani Boulevard between 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. Belmont Police Capt. Patrick Halleran said.

The investigators described the first burglar wearing a red beanie and black Nike athletic shoes with pink highlights.

The second man wore a sweatshirt with "New Jack" written on the front.

Anyone with information on this crime or the suspects involved should call Belmont police at (650) 595-7400 or the Belmont Police Crime Tip Line at (650) 598-3000.

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