Beltran's Agent: Giants ‘Never Made Us an Offer'

Carlos Beltran had a decent run as a Giant. It was short, sweet, cost Zack Wheeler and he ended up signing with the Cardinals in the offseason, but, hey, it was fun while it lasted.

The memories are souring quickly though, as Beltran's agent, Dan Lozano, claims that the Giants didn't even bother trying to re-sign Beltran in the offseason.

In fact, Lozano told the San Francisco Chronicle that the Giants "never made us an offer."

"The facts are, they never made us an offer, and we never talked money or years," Lozano said. "They put us in a holding pattern until they knew if they were going to pull off the trade or not."

The trade is referring to the Giants move to deal Andres Torres to the Mets for Angel Pagan. And the offer that Lozano refers to is a deal that assistant GM Bobby Evans mentioned recently which might be similar to something San Francisco gave Aubrey Huff recently.

That deal was worth $22 million over two years, and it's quite possible (likely?) the Giants would've  loved to get Beltran re-signed to something like that. It seemed as if he'd hit the jackpot in free agency, but he didn't, and Beltran inked a two-year deal with St. Louis instead.

Evans also lobbed out the idea that Lozano wasn't informing his client about the Giants offer, a notion that Lozano disputed to the Chron.

"I kept reaching out to them to see if they had interest," Lozano said. "Their interest was pending on the trade. Carlos was informed step by step."

This isn't the first time we've heard about this dispute: when the Cardinals and the Giants squared off in the regular season, there was much made of the fact that Beltran claimed the Giants "didn't call my agent."

So it's basically a he-said, he-said type of thing, with Beltran somewhere in the middle, unsure if the Giants and Lozano were actually ever talking.

The non-deal worked out for everyone in the end, with Angel Pagan having a great season at a cheap price for the Giants, and Beltran joining the Cards, raking all year long and making the playoffs.

But if Beltran continues being the destructive force he's been this postseason -- .414/.500/1.397, three homers, six RBI, six walks, five doubles -- it could end making the Giants regret the failure to communicate between the two sides.

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