Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Truck Is Here to Stay

The Ben and Jerry's West Coast Tour will be in the Bay Area for the next three weeks, driving around to various locations based on their twitterfeed and serving free ice cream to anyone and everyone.

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Need a afternoon pick me up? Or just the right treat to fulfill your sweet tooth? Then the Ben and Jerry's West Coast Tour is just for you.
The Ben and Jerry's West Coast Tour has hit up San Francisco. After six weeks in LA, the Ben and Jerry's West Coast Tour has been in SF for three weeks, and will be here for three more.
This tour is not about the ice cream. It's about Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream giving back the love that customer's have given them over the years.
Having fair trade ingredients for several years, Ben and Jerry's has a mission to have all flavors made with only fair trade ingredients within the next two years.
The tour is focusing on driving around to various companies, organizations, and events that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly. The truck is also going around to neighborhoods, as they did on the 4th of July weekend, and serving residents. Whether on a lunch break at work or hanging out in the neighborhood, the truck is making people feel good and putting a smile on their faces. Because who doesn't feel better when they eat ice cream?
Want the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream truck to come by your workplace or neighborhood, then TWEET away. Locations with the most tweets will have more chance of having this sweet truck roll by your part of town. Check out their twiter feed at
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