Berkeley: Candlelit Vigil for Balcony Collapse Victims

 A candlelit vigil was held Sunday evening to commemorate the tragic balcony collapse in Berkeley.

The apartment balcony collapse killed six students and injured seven. Many fellow Irish students and families of the surviving victims joined the gathering on Sunday.

"Our thoughts are very much with the families of the deceased and those who are in the hospital still making the recovery," said Philip Grant, Consul General of Ireland.

The Irish Consulate in San Francisco and Irish Immigration Center held a reception Sunday night for medical staff and first responders who came to help minutes after the collapse.

Berkeley Fire Chief Gil Dong said the event provided closure of some of the crew members.

The city recently approved urgency ordinances on balcony safety and inspections.

Mayor Tom Bates said that it’s important to re-inspect every balcony in Berkeley.

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