Berkeley Police Release Photos of Suspect in Fights at August Rally

Berkeley police on Monday released photographs of a woman who they believe was involved in fights at a No to Marxism rally at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park on Aug. 27.

Berkeley police said the photographs they released Monday are a follow-up to photos they released last Thursday. Those photographs, they said, depicted "suspects who were wanted in connection with felonious assaults" that allegedly occurred at the rally, which was organized by conservative activist Amber Cummings, who's known as "Based Tranny."

Police said several people who attended the rally were punched, kicked, and struck with improvised weapons.

Berkeley police said the photographs show the female suspect without her mask so they are again asking people with information about the suspects' identities or crimes to call their homicide unit at (510) 981-4794.

Police arrested 13 people on Aug. 27 at the No to Marxism rally at Civic Center Park and at a separate demonstration called the Rally Against Hate that took place a few blocks away at Oxford and Addison streets on the West Crescent lawn at the University of California at Berkeley. Large crowds were present at both rallies.

Berkeley police said, "We remain focused on taking enforcement action when practical and appropriate before, during and after events."

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