Berkeley to Consider Temporary Solution For Overnight RV Parking

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Berkeley city leaders on Tuesday will consider a temporary solution for overnight RV parking in city lots.

The Berkeley City Council will consider opening six city-owned parking lots to people living in RVs, including a lot at the Berkeley animal shelter.

If the council approves the move, the city would allow up to 25 RVs to camp overnight during non-business hours in the safe parking locations for up to three months, what’s being called a grace period.

Berkeley isn’t the only city in the Bay Area dealing with the overnight parking problem. Recent census data shows that over 9,000 people are living in their vehicles, many of them parked illegally overnight on side streets or in front of businesses.

In June, the city of Berkeley forced more than 20 RV residents off a stretch of Marina Boulevard, and then the RVs became an issue for a nearby restaurant.

Berkeley banned overnight RV parking within city limits, but the city has approved the idea of a safe parking program, as reported by Berkeleyside. The city has yet to identify a 24-hour location.

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