Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Gear Up for California Primary

During an event at UC Berkeley, Sen. Bernie Sanders talked about the importance of campaigning in California.

"In a several week period, we will have held some 30 rallies in every part of the state," Sanders said.

Both Sanders and Hillary Clinton will be in California leading up to Tuesday's primary.

Sanders will be heading to San Francisco on Monday for a rally and concert in the Presidio.

On Sunday, Bill Clinton will be in Los Gatos for a fundraiser, and Hillary Clinton will hold a fundraising concert on Monday in Los Angeles.

"Usually it means we really don't get a big say," said David Baggins, a political science professor at Cal State East Bay.

Baggins said it is great to see California have a say, which typically is not the case.

When it comes to Sanders, he expects to hear more of the same.

"They know that they really have kept the center of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton, who is going to be the nominee, off balance," Baggins said. "And they're feeling this extraordinary power."

As for Hillary Clinton, she needs to define her voice to California voters, according to Baggins.

"She is an accomplished moderate Democrat," Baggins said. "But she needs to find her passion, her ability to connect."

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