Berzerkley Plans to Go Crazy for Google

East Bay city plans to apply for Google's ultra-fast Internet

If Google thought working with San Francisco was a political nightmare, just wait until the company gets in bed with Berkeley.

The politically charged East Bay city, famous for protesting the definition of normalcy through nudity, is throwing its hat in the ring to become a testing ground for Google's ultra fast Internet.

Google plans to test a new broadband Internet service that the tech giant says will go 100 times faster than the average Americans current broadband speed.

The company's plans to offer the service to at least 50,000 people across the country and possibly up to 500,000. The Mountain View-based company wants cities interested in receiving the free service to answer a series of questions and submit them by March 26.

Berkeley says it plans to submit an application before the deadline. And while some cities have offered to change their name to Google or name their children after the company, Berkeley is not promising anything crazy, yet.

But does Berkeley need to promise anything crazy to prove the city actually is crazy?

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