Best of April Fool's Day Pranks

By now you may have heard of Google's Pokemon Challenge and Netflix's Original Series Rotisserie Chicken. But here are some of today's April Fools pranks that might have not made your headlines, but are definitely worth a chuckle. Check these out!

Are techies leaving the mainland?

In 2015, could the new Silicon Valley be Silicon Island? Imagine a utopia for tech innovators, unregulated and 65 miles off the coast of California. Talk about "thinking bigger." Crowdtilt was creative in their efforts of foolery by developing an escape for techies. Complete with Bitcoin currency, Uber transportation and a CrossFit class, this private island would be a mecca for tech innovators around the world.

Wake up and smell the bacon!

What if we told you that you could be awaken by the sweet aroma of sizzling bacon every morning? Well that is what Oscar Myers has led their audience to believe. The American meat company claims to have a device that will release the smell of bacon via an alarm clock plug in that can be used with iPhones. Those interested can enter for a chance to "win" one of the "coveted" devices. There is even an iTunes app for it. Seriously.

Google Chrome emojifies the web

The internet browser enabled users to peruse the web using emojis. The animated characters can be used in the search bar, URL field and will even show up in Google search results. Smartphones users can read anything from New York Times articles to weather updates in emoji language while in the browser. This was all in an effort to communicate in a "clear, articulate and meaningful" way, says Google staff. Check out the video.

Smell like a Cheeto

We all love Cheetos, but would you also like to smell like them? For an April Fool Day's prank the Frito-Lay brand created the "unexpected yet undeniable" fragrance Cheeteau by Chester. The romantic black and white ad was released last Thursday and it seems like some lucky people got to try the "powerful" fragrance themselves.

A new way to eat Kale

How about a Kale Cream Pie Milkshake? Yes, kale. Sonic Drive-In released a video detailing how to make their special shake that is said to be available this summer. Watch the video to see how Director of Culinary Innovation for Sonic Mackenzie Gibson, created this unique treat.

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