‘Best of Web' Video Posted on YouTube

From slow motion bikinis to underwater smoking. Watch 200 popular web videos in less than four minutes.

Two hundred popular videos in less than four minutes. That's what YouTube user zapatou was going for with his "Best of Web" compilation.

Luc Bergeron edited the video (below) using short excerpts from all sorts of interesting online videos. Some went viral, but some are underground gems.

Viewers will see clips of a skier jumping off a snowy cliff, a timelapse, a shirtless man skating into an icy lake and someone smoking a cigar underwater  -- and that's just in the first 20 seconds.

Other highlights include Parkour street acrobatics, a man soaring into the sky after he was launched off a blob, a bikini-clad woman jumping rope in slow motion and a tightrope walker walking across a canyon.

The video mashup has more than 3,500 views as of Thursday, Dec. 8. If you want to watch any of the original videos, Bergeron was kind enough to post a complete list with links on Facebook.

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