Bestronics Opens Manufacturing Plant in San Jose

San Jose's Bestronics took the wraps off a giant 71,000-square foot manufacturing facility Wednesday.  By giving tech companies a local place to see their products being made, it’s bringing testing back.

“Here they can just drive down 101 or 880 and they're here,” Bestronics President Nat Mani said. “We can send our engineers over there to talk to them. The advantage of that can't be quantified."

Manufacturing jobs, long outsourced to other countries are coming back to the Bay Area, giving the already hot tech industry a slightly different shot in the arm.

"This is another category of jobs -- technical jobs – there will be some PHDs, but there will be people with technical degrees and technical expertise to do the manufacturing,” San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said. “We’ve lost a lot of that over the last few decades and it's great to see it coming back."

As we buy more mobile technology, more components have to be made and tested to fit into our gadgets. And that means more jobs in facilities like Bestronics’.

“We’ve already hired – if you look at our head count what it was last year at this time and what it is now – it’s about a 15-20 percent increase because we were planning for this move for a while to make sure we got the right workforce trained," Mani said.

New jobs for a veteran industry making a local comeback.

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