Beware: Vaccine-Related Cyber Scams on the Rise

NBC Universal, Inc.

Be careful. There's been a boom in vaccine-related cyber scams as people frantically try to get vaccinated.

The scammers are targeting people's online accounts at the same time people are being told to go online to find where the vaccines are being given and to book appointments.

Some of the scams include social media posts advertising deals on vaccines.

"If you see an ad on social media offering you to buy a vaccine, it's a scam," Yoav Keren, the CEO of cyber security company Brandshield, said. "If you see an online pharmacy offering you to buy a vaccine, it's a scam. If someone texts you on WhatsApp or Messenger or something and offers you to buy a vaccine, it's a scam."

San Jose health care worker Ann Gillespie said people need to be careful when they're looking for vaccine information.

"Don't go on Instagram, don't go on Facebook, don't go on TikTok," she said. "Follow what the actual CDC guidelines say in regards to when you're eligible to get your vaccine."

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