Bicycle Gloves With A Google Touch

Former Google engineer helps you cycle with style

In a cool mix of fashion and technology, a former Google engineer is unleashing bicycle gloves, and your cycling experience may never be the same. 

Zach Vorhies used to be an engineer for Google Earth, and for Lucasfilm. He's been working with a fashion designer and robotic consultant, and the result is a new kind of bike glove. This one comes complete with turn signals.

Now, you may (logically) ask: Don't I already use my arms to signal my turns? Good point. But, as it gets darker earlier, it can't hurt to have signals that light up as you signal. Check out the video from the company called "Zackees" (located on the Kickstarter page, as the venture tries to raise money):

Zackees claims the gloves will give you two months of battery life with regular use. Look for them in a bike lane near you, soon.

Scott, about to try the gloves, is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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