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Bicyclist Says Driver Tried to Run Him Down Multiple Times in San Francisco

A bicyclist said he was just riding on the road in San Francisco when a driver tried to run him down--and more than once.

Now, he wants the person behind the wheel to face justice.

The bicyclist said it was a scary ordeal for him. He said a driver tried to knock him off his bike and seemed to keep coming for him Thursday night.

According to the cyclist Anthony Ryan, a witness apparently was able to shoot some video. Ryan said he was on Phelan just North of Ocean Avenue making a left turn when a car came up behind and hit the horn. He said the driver pulled up and tried to open the door in order to knock him off the bike.

Ryan said he tried to get away by crossing the street, but the driver followed. He believes he intended to ram him. He said he tried to get a picture of the license plate, but the driver took off toward San Francisco City College.

And when he stopped at a light, things escalated even more.

"He actually put his car in reverse and tried to run into me again, and I kind of dodged him, but at that point he was behind me," Ryan said. "And I was basically riding for my life with this person behind me looking for cover between some parked cars, so I basically intentionally crashed my bike between two parked cars and leaped off my bike."

Ryan said the driver tried to side swipe him and took off. He said a number of people stopped to see if he was OK. He was leaving San Francisco State where he teaches a class.

City College police responded, saying a report was filed. The car is a white two-door Honda, police said.

Ryan said he suffered bruises and scrapes.

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