Big Dig by the Bay Baffles

Mystery surrounds Alviso digging project, police not talking

Curious speculation is swirling around an Alviso, Calif. neighborhood where police have been digging for two days.

An NBC Bay Area viewer called to let us know that police from Palo Alto and Los Altos were there with a tractor and heavy equipment digging in an empty lot in the area around her house just off Grand Boulevard and Wilson Way.

Nick Muyo, San Jose Police Department public information officer, is being tight-lipped about the reason behind the big dig.

Santa Clara County prosecutors won't comment on why authorities are out there, what they are looking for, how long they have been digging or even if they might be investigating a cold case or a new crime.

Alviso is a small community at the north end of San Jose and the south end of the San Francisco Bay. It was originally settled as a shipping port, but suffered many setbacks over the years because of the Great Depression and several floods.

History meets the future at Alviso: The tech boom gave new life to the area and today, it is the home of giants such as Yahoo and TiVo.

Future plans to revitalize the area include land development for more industrial use and residential areas.

Whether the digging is part of the growth plan or if it is part of a bigger, deeper issue remains a mystery.

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