Big Lebowksi for Rent on Facebook

Dust off your best "Big Lebowski" reference. And do it on Facebook. Because they already posted it.

The social media website is offering the Cohen brothers' cult classic up for rent on Facebook, studio officials announced on Friday. And for a pittance -- less than the cost of a toe, in fact: even a Facebook user ten days late on the rent can abide by the $3 cost, or 30 Facebook credits, for a 48 hour viewing period. So there's no need to find a stranger in the Alps.

"Big Lebowski" is the man for Universal Studios's time, as the film is the first offering on the studio's Social Theater Application. Other studios have jumped into the game as well, with Warner Bros. offering "The Dark Knight" and Paramount releasing the "Jackass" films on Facebook, according to the San Jose Mercury News. That's something to believe in, anyway.

The announcement came during LebowskiFest in New York City, which reunited the cast of the film. Thank you, Donnie.

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