Big Waves at Mavericks, But Conditions Not ‘Ideal' For Contest

Whaler boat with two people onboard capsizes near Pillar Point

The big waves at Mavericks almost triggered the famous surf contest Thursday, but ultimately officials decided to wait because conditions were not ideal.

Some observers found out what that meant.

The Pillar Point Harbor Patrol confirmed a 19-foot Boston Whaler boat with two people onboard overturned while they were watching surfers about 10 a.m. Thursday.

Other boaters at Mavericks as part of the surfer activity came to the rescue. The two victims were checked out by paramedics and released.

Another boater told NBC Bay Area that there were waves as high as 50 feet but called overall conditions "rough."

Pillar Point Deputy Harbormaster Cary Smith pointed out surfers and observers were in waters past a navigational aid buoy designating a hazardous area.

Smith praised boaters for their quick response to the overturned craft but said, "conditions at Mavericks are not clean. They are lucky to be alive."

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