Biker Awarded $8.6 Million After Crashing into Pig

Adam Rogers suffered head injuries and uses a wheelchair

Adam Rogers used to be fast on his feet and in tip-top physical shape but now he uses a wheelchair and struggles with memory loss.

It's all because of a crash on Highway 1 near Carmel, Calif. late at night in September 2003 when the Seaside man crashed his motorcycle into a wild pig.

Rogers, a former kickboxing champion and karate teacher, was in a coma for months and suffered massive head injuries as a result of the crash, according to the Monterey Herald.

He sued the California state Department of Transportation, claiming the state was responsible for his injuries because it knew wild pigs were crossing the highway.

The jury agreed and awarded Rogers $8.6 million.

Jurors determined that state officials failed to take action even though they had evidence that a stretch of the highway was dangerous because wild pigs were crossing it.

A pig-crossing sign now stands in the spot where Rogers' accident happened to warn drivers.

The attorney representing 45-year-old Rogers says most the award will be used for future medical bills.

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