Bikes Have City Seeing Green


San Francisco's quest to turn its parks green has turned to bikes.

The City's Recreation and Park Department is searching for a company to manage bike rentals in its park. And the department has narrowed its search down to a joint venture between three bike rental companies currently operating in the City.

The plan is a win win for residents and the City, unless of course you are a fan of bike polo. Under the plan bikes would be available across San Francisco parks and the cash-strapped city would be paid a minimum of $130,000 in rent and another 18 percent of the rental profits.

The department that manages the City's parks has been tasked with developing new revenue streams. It has already looked at a new vendors for the caraousel concurse and the Stow Lake Boathouse.

While the City is not saying how many rental stands would be opened, the San Francisco Examiner reports that it could be up to 200 kiosks.

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