California Bill That Would Allow Drug-Related Felons To Collect Food Stamps Heading to Senate Vote

Drug-related felons in California may soon be able to receive food stamps.

A bill that would reverse the ban on CalFresh and CalWORKs benefits for drug felons will head to the Senate floor for a vote this week.

Lawmakers in the appropriations committee approved the bill on Friday.

Supporters of reversing the ban said it helps felons stay on the right track to become better citizens and find a job.

"First of all, CalFresh is a federal program, and it's not raising our taxes to pay for CalFresh, CalFresh is a federal program," assemblywoman Shirley Webber (D-San Diego) said. "We are one of the few states that does not allow prisoners or ex-felons to have that. That’s an option we chose that is not imposed by the state, so therefore, it doesn’t cost us anything"

Opponents of the measure say food stamp recipients can trade stamps for drugs or sell them to get money for drugs.

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