Bay Area's Slice of Heaven for Chocolate Lovers

One, okay technically three, Bay Area cafes are mixing the strange with the ordinary hot chocolate and creating something truly extraordinary.

Peanut butter and chocolate. Yum. PB&C laced in a warm cocoa mug? Amazing.

All three Bittersweet locations has a cozy atmosphere and something to fulfill every chocolate lovers fantasy. Some of their mixes may sound a bit off base but they are truly interesting if not good.

The store offers nine different types of chocolate drinks, including its signature bittersweet non-dairy hot chocolate, and it also features more than 120 chocolate bars from all over the world.

Bittersweet has three locations across the Bay Area, one in San Francisco, another in Oakland and one in Danville

Find the store near you and what other crazy concoctions they have on the Bittersweet Web site.

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