Biz Stone on Howard Stern

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has been making the rounds lately, appearing on Conan and Piers Morgan. Today he stopped in to chat with the King of All Media, Howard Stern.

TechCrunch says the interview was rather tame, but there was an interesting bit about the meeting Biz, and Evan Williams had with Mark Zuckerberg back in 2008.

Stone said there was a car waiting for him when he got to work one day. When he got in the car with Evan Williams, he had no idea they were on their way to meet with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

On the ride over, they discussed the possibility of a Facebook acquisition, and decided the $500 million number would be a good starting point if the subject came up.

Biz says when they got to Facebook, they met with Zuck in a room with only a single chair and a small love seat. Zuck took the chair, forcing Biz and Evan to sit in the love seat. He said it was all very intimidating.

Zuckerberg said he didn't like to talk numbers but if they threw one out, he would say 'yes' or 'no.' After the $500 million price came out, Zuck said "That's a big number." 

In the end, there was no sale of Twitter to Facebook, as we all know.

The entire interview is posted here.

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