Bizarre Killing Spree Blamed on Lover's Jealous Rage

Dead man's son still missing

Vallejo and Hercules police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened in an apparent killing spree involving one man and string of victims but investigators say Efren Valdemoro killed at least two people in a jealous rage.

Police say Valdemoro's girlfriend, Cindy Tran, owned a house in Hercules and rented rooms out to Frederick and Ricardo Sales.

In August, Valdemoro became suspicious that Tran was having a romantic relationship with one of the men, so he killed 73-year-old Ricardo Sales in an angry rage last Friday morning, police believe. Sales' body was discovered Saturday morning and his 35-year-old son, Frederick, hasn't been seen since.

Tran worked at a beauty salon in Vallejo and a coworker told Bay City News that Valdemoro would visit her there frequently. He picked her up Tuesday night after her shift at the salon. Police say Tran called a family member that night saying Valdemoro kidnapped her and she was with him in his car.

Police spotted the car in Pleasant Hill and Valdemoro led CHP officers on a high-speed chase through the East Bay. It ended in Richmond when Valdemoro ran out of the car and into a grocery store. Cops shot and killed him after he threatened them with a cleaver in hand.

Tran was found dead in the front seat with severe trauma to her head and neck. Friends say she has several children and dreamed of traveling to her native Vietnam. They say they noticed a change in Valdemoro's attitude over the last few months but Tran made excuses for him. Now both are dead and the search for Frederick Sales continues.

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