Black Saturday Reports: How Good Was Your Food?

Another Valentine's Day has come and passed. If you were one of the brave souls that, for better or worse, survived an overpriced prix fixe extravaganza on Saturday night, please do report back to

We want to hear tales of Valentine's Day dining experiences—the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly too.

Ladies and gents, a positive report from the Valentine's Day post-mortem tipline:

For Valentine's day my boyfriend and I went to Piperade for their 3-course, $65 prix fixe menu. I adore Piperade's California-influenced Basque food, and was delighted to discover that the quality of the food did not diminish at all due to the holiday .... The prix fixe offered four choices for each course. For the appetizers we ordered the lobster salad with blood orange dressing and seared scallops with chanterelles and some type of mushroom-y foam. Delicious. Main courses were the lamb chops and cod, both cooked to perfection and served with incredibly buttery fingerling potatoes. I'm not a big dessert person, but we got the creme caramel-y dessert and a hazelnut cake. The cake was the only mediocre thing we tasted all night. Dinner was accompanied by a lovely $32 bottle of Rioja. The service was great, as usual - attentive, knowledgeable, but not overbearing.

Glad to report that Piperade, as usual, did not disappoint. Could've done with fewer red and white balloons though! They kept getting stuck in my hair when I went to the bathroom. And the place looks so much classier without them.

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