Blu Homes Brings Green Factory to Bay Area

Environmental builder cuts the ribbon on its Vallejo factory.

Building your dream home in a factory may not be your idea of a dream but when you see what you can get for your money you may change your mind.

Blu Homes will build you an ultra seek, environmentally friendly home entirely in their factory for as little as $1250,000.

And now the San Francisco-based green home builders will do that for West Coast customers entirely from their new factory based in Vallejo, Calif.

Thursday Blu Homes unveiled its first West Coast factory on the historic Mare Island in Vallejo.

The new 250,000-square-foot facility will be the company's second factory but the first on the West Coast. The other one is in East Longmeadow, Mass.

Blu Homes says it is able to reduce the cost of building a home but up to 50 percent by using cutting-edge technology with operational innovations to build homes in their factories.

Customers choose from seven different designs and then work with Blu Homes to custom tailor the home for a pre-chosen property.

The company is currently building its first West Coast home to be delivered to Healdsburg upon completion.

For more information about Blu Homes, visit the company's website at

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