Blue Man Group Performs National Anthem at AT&T


When you think of the National Anthem, you -- probably -- think of a beautiful voice belting out the lines that made Francis Scott Key famous.

You probably don't think of performers like, say, the Blue Man Group ... who don't actually sing.

But the BMG was all up in AT&T park on Friday night before the Giants dispatched of the A's, banging on some sort of bizarre drum-noise device that I can't really even describe.

Now, some people might blue themselves in angry excitement, because this just seems like a horrible way to celebrate the National Anthem. But then I remember that Carl Lewis and Rosanne both created far more horrible noises with just their vocal chords.

Plus, part of the problem with 81 home games is that you need 81 different renditions of the National Anthem.

And while the Blue Man Group might not provide the most "traditional" noises, it's still a pretty cool diversion from what folks might normally get to hear at the park.

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