Father Disappears After Rescuing Son From Water Near Pittsburg Marina

A father went missing Saturday after jumping in the water near the Pittsburg Marina to save his son following a boating incident, according to officials.

Crews scoured the murky water for several hours, but they have yet to find the father. They were forced to temporarily call off the search because of darkness.

The father and son, along with at least one other man, were riding in a boat when the son somehow went overboard, according to Amy Nguyen, the missing man's niece. The father jumped in after his son, and a man on the boat threw the father a rescue device to help successfully save the boy. The father, however, floated away from the boat and began to sink.

"He's been gone ever since," Nguyen said.

Multiple agencies are assisting with the search, which is expected to resume Sunday morning.

The boy was treated for possible hypothermia, according to officials.

The father and son, along with their family, were enjoying a fishing trip before the incident.

Further information was not available at the time.

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