Bob Saget's Star Power Can't Sell a San Francisco Victorian

Bob Saget and the Olsen twins just don't have as much star power as they used to.

A rumor of the television home of the "Full House" crew hitting the San Francisco real estate market couldn't move the house.

The Internet was flooded with reports that a Victorian at 722 Steiner St. was the house shown in the opening credits of the 80s show. But it turns out it was actually a home on Broderick Street that was shown while the family ran through Alamo Square park.

After two months on the market, the fake "Full House" house is paying the price for indulging its pedigree. The house has still not sold and the owners are slashing its $3,999,999 price tag. The house is now selling for a bargain $3,850,000.

Maybe next time they should say a pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger once lived there. The governor is still popular, right?

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