Bochy Plans to ‘Keep Throwing Timmy Out There'

On Tuesday afternoon, we picked up on a tweet from Sirius XM's Jim Bowden, the former Nationals and Reds GM. Bowden noted that Giants manager Bruce Bochy appeared on his radio show and discussed skipping one of Tim Lincecum's starts and/or pushing him to the bullpen.

And, of course, we wrote about it. So did other people and as a result, there were some questions for Bochy prior to Tuesday night's game against the Astros.

Bochy denied any notion of changing what's going on with the Freak and said he plans to "keep throwing Timmy out there."

“Right now, the best thing is to keep throwing Timmy out there,” Bochy said per Andrew Baggarly of “He’s showed signs of being very good. I know he’s had his ups and downs, but he’s going to take his bullpen tomorrow and he’ll be back out there.”

Look, I wholeheartedly agree with Bochy's plan: at some point, Lincecum has to break out of his funk. Right? At some point he's going to have a good outing and it's going to generate some momentum. (Right?)

So good on Bochy for not yanking Lincecum out of the rotation, not that it's really even a viable plan for the Giants given their current rotation.

Brian Sabean also talked about Lincecum's struggles and said it's "not a fatigue issue" and it's "not a weight issue" and made an interesting point as well -- Lincecum's only 28. (Well, technically 27 until July, but whatever.)

It's easy to forget that because of all the hardware on his shelves, but Lincecum is a young guy. But the consistency with which he's mowed down batters over his career also makes it pretty difficult to understand what's going on.

Hopefully Bochy and Sabean will end up being right.

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