Santa Clara County

Boldt Construction Company Selected to Resume Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Project

After a series of construction mishaps, delays and public fighting, Santa Clara County leaders have picked a new construction company to take over the embattled job of building a new medical center.

The move comes after the county fired Turner Construction Company over the delayed new facility at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. The $300 million project was supposed to be completed two weeks ago.

The county has hired the Boldt Company to take over the project. Crew members from the company spent Tuesday visiting the Valley Medical Center site and trying to figure out the best way to get the 168 hospital bed facility built.

Turner Construction had been working on the project for about five years before being fired over the delays. The county said it has been losing about $100,000 a day in lost revenue.

"It's very important for the people who need that care," Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor President Dave Cortese said. "And we're really constrained as long as this problem drags on."

County Executive Jeff Smith said he expects Boldt to come up with a plan in about two months. In addition, Smith points out the fight with Turner is just starting.

"We do have a new contractor and now we have Turner suing us," Smith said. "So we have lots of new costs."

County officials said it could still be a year before the new medical facility is ready.

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